We are your partner for innovative carbon heating systems.

  • flexible Floor | Wall | Ceiling

  • efficient Rapid heat-up time. Low running costs.

  • cosy Warmth like from the sun.

Solar heat for your home

3D-eHEAT GmbH develops and distributes eco-economic surface heating systems based on carbon technology that are suitable for floors, walls and ceilings.

With a focus on energy efficiency and ease of use, we offer a wide range of product solutions, including the Weitzer-Wärmeparkett, KOHPA® therm and the illuminated tension frame HEATFRAME. The latter not only integrates dimmable LED technology and maintenance-free full carbon comfort heating, but can also be extended with sound absorbers for better room acoustics.

Why carbon?

Carbon is a naturally occurring material whose practical properties make the heating effective and flexible at the same time. Due to its large-scale application (full carbon), the consumption in kWh/m²a (per year) is significantly lower than the calculated values compared to other heating systems. Electricity is also a form of energy that you can produce yourself. This creates independence and is easy on your wallet.

Our full carbon comfort heaters can be used for complete new buildings (main heating) as individual solutions for one room, for uncomplicated renovation measures or for listed buildings. Due to the very low installation height, they can be elegantly installed and are invisible after installation.

The advantages of radiant heat

  • no draught
  • no dust whirling up
  • prevents the formation of mould
  • comfortable and pleasant warmth
  • max. 10 % energy loss when ventilating
    With radiant heat, the room air temperature is perceived to be higher than it actually is, because the heat is transferred directly to the body. The temperature in the room can be reduced by up to 2 °C. Each lowered degree saves around 6 % in heating costs per year.

What makes our heaters so special?


    At the core of our heaters is carbon technology. It converts electricity into heat. In doing so, we use the positive properties of carbon such as electrical conductivity or thermal conductivity.


    The heat generated by the full carbon heater can be compared to solar rays: When the infrared rays hit a solid body, it is set into faster vibration and heats up. This energy is released into the room as heat. After just a few minutes, rooms are evenly and pleasantly warm.


    Depending on the application, the heating strips are installed as a complete solution under the parquet, or processed as carbon fibre paper on the wall and/or ceiling. The heating system can be painted over with commercially available diffusion-open paint and becomes an invisible surface heating system. Of course, you can also cover the surfaces with wallpaper, tiles, wood or similar.

Project example: timber frame construction

ERLER Wohlfühlhaus relies on sustainable heating solutions from Weitzer-Wärmeparkett. In the course of a living space extension, a new bedroom and a children's room were created. The patented solution from Weitzer-Wärmeparkett was laid on the installed OSB boards. The customer was already able to put the heating system into operation in the afternoon.

ERLER Wohlfühlhaus »

What clients report

  • Changing our old oil heating system to a full carbon heating system was the right decision. The heat is extremely pleasant and cannot be compared to the old operating costs.

    Hermann P.

  • A super luxurious heating system that is very easy to use. What I like most is the quick heat-up time of about one hour and the minimal loss of space, as I don't need a boiler room. Absolutely recommendable.

    Familie Mayr

  • It has never been so pleasantly warm in all our lives.

    Hans Z.